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News Release August 14th 2012

In the face of what is being recognized as an avoidable epidemic, the International Children’s Cancer Foundation (“ICCF”) is proud to expand its mission “to help eliminate illness, pain, and preventable death in children suffering from cancer in developing nations.” ICCF, as part of a global community committed to fighting pediatric cancer and making it a top priority, are advocating for a Call to Action—we must act NOW. We cannot sit idly by while our children needlessly suffer from treatable cancer. Today there is an urgent need, children across the globe are suffering and dying from cancers that can be treated. There is a gross disparity in survival rates for those children with cancer in impoverished, resource-challenged countries compared to those in wealthy developed nations. Global spending on childhood cancer treatment highlights this disparity, with only 5% of spending in low income developing countries, despite the fact that 85% of pediatric cancer cases, and 95% of deaths, occur these low-income areas—our global community neighbors.
To achieve our mission, mobilize our call to action, and give hope to afflicted children and their families, we are also expanding our goals. Our ICCF initial successes are merely the tip of the iceberg. We will continue our ongoing campaign to assist Centro Oncologico Pediatrico in its mission of treating children in Mexico. We know we can do that and more. In order to help alleviate this international spending disparity, and to help these children with the essential medicine and treatment, ICCF needs committed board members, volunteers and donors. We are reaching out to not only share our mission and goals, but also to ask you to look deep within and ask yourself if you believe in our mission. Is needless pain, suffering and death of children abroad in lower income areas acceptable, knowing we can help?

Please join our Call to Action to end this epidemic and give hope to children and their families across the globe. Support in any way will make a difference. Volunteer, become a board member, make a donation, host an event, refer a potential board member, or simply spread the word. We thank you for everything you have already done to join us in the past and for what we will all do together in the future. Please contact us today to determine how we can give these children the hope for tomorrow.

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