History and Mission

ICCF’s History and Mission are the same, by witnessing a HOPE for life, the organization strives to provide a HOPE for life. ICCF’s beginnings are humble unlike its mission to save children’s lives. The organization was inspired by a visit to ICCF’s initial project, COP. Witnessing a hospital that gave sick, underprivileged children and their families a glimmer of HOPE was something ICCF’s founders could not turn away from a chance to heal not only the child’s disease, but also their spirit. Sickness of any kind in a child is a heartbreaking situation, when the sickness is one that may be terminal, its both heart and spirit breaking. ICCF witnessed the careful and nurturing healing of both body and spirit at COP and committed from that moment forward to assist treatment centers around the world, in the poorest of communities, have an opportunity to heal family’s bodies and spirits.

ICCF is committed to this goal and plans to achieve it by raising capital for treatments, awareness of sick children’s plight and raise the human spirit in total by realizing the power of uniting together to help any and all who are in need of help fighting childhood cancer. ICCF will focus its efforts on individual treatment centers that help only low income families who deal with this deadly disease with the same courage but less financial means.

ICCF’s volunteer board is one that recognizes its goal and is excited that it can make a difference, understanding the power of unity and HOPE. It knows this is the beginning of something that can and already has changed lives. ICCF perseveres forward with its initial fundraising and awareness campaign to support COP and the angels it treats. The beginning of HOPE looks the same as the middle and there is no end. Be a contributing partner of ICCF’s mission today.

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Past Event:

Saturday May 31st. 2014 6pm to 10pm
The Prado at Balboa Park San Diego CA Tickets 858-480-1251 or write to info@give-to-live.org