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International Children’s Cancer Foundation (ICCF), is a non-profit charity of San Diego, California, created to support the Oncologic Pediatric Center (COP) in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.

COP is a non profitable Hospital in Tijuana that was created in memory of two successful young business men who suffered from cancer. After their diagnosis, they dedicated the rest of their short lives to supporting noble causes. Their primary mission was to offer moral, spiritual, and economic support to children of lesser means who suffered from cancer. They created an organization in Tijuana Mexico: Fundacion Castro-Limon and in 2006 a new Hospital was built: COP – Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California (Oncologic Pediatric Center of Baja California).

COP provides treatment, surgeries, medications, care and support to poor children from both the United States and Mexico. Our mission is to offer Hope of Life to pediatric cancer patients that unfortunately do not have access to medical care.

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Video International Childrens Cancer Foundation – Dr Jose Honold President

Video en Espanol ICCF – Fundación Internacional para Ayuda a Niños con Cáncer – Dr Jose Honold Presidente

Give Hope of Life to children with cancer  is a program that allows individuals and businesses to provide financial support to sponsor either all or part of the medical treatment to be received by the child at COP.  In the adoption program you can adopt a child with cancer for his or her medical treatment including medication, hospitalization and medical care.

Castro-Limon Foundation for Children with Cancer was born in memory of Juan Carlos Castro-Munguia and Irineo Limon-Vargas, two Baja California businessmen who in 2002 were diagnosed with cancer and both decided to face their illness an join efforts to give moral, spiritual and financial support to low-income children who suffered the same disease.

Video COP – Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California

COP Oncologic Pediatric CenterInternational Children’s Cancer Foundation (“ICCF”) is the “doing business as” (“DBA”) name for Castro Limon America, a public benefit non profit corporation in the state of California. ICCF was incorporated in California on June 11, 2008. ICCF’s Taxpayer Identification Number EIN: 26-2782755.

For more information about Give To Live ICCF – International Children’s Cancer Foundation please contact us at: info@give-to-live.org or call 1 (858) 480-1251.

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